Endpoint Protection

What is Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection has become inevitability for many reasons but three major reasons are:

  • Companies opt for the cloud
  • Remote workers/ virtual offices
  • Everything has it’s origin on the endpoint.

These factors among many other factors should e considered when any company wants to secure their environment considering the insider threat or outsider threats. Ignoring the data that resides on these devices is company suicide.

The endpoint solution that protect all endpoints including Mobile devices: Android and iPhone.

100% Trust verdict of all unknown files

Cybercrime has come a long way from script kiddies looking for a little glory. Today’s sophisticated attackers are after money and power. By 2019, ransomware will attack a business every 14 seconds and damage costs will soar to $11.5 billion annually. In 2017, wide-ranging events from elections to North Korea nuclear threats and missile launches corresponded with major malware spikes in enterprise security, indicating the use of cyber “activism” to achieve geopolitical goals. No business and no user can be considered safe. Having a comprehensive defence-in-depth strategy has never been more critical, and no security posture is complete without technology to protect endpoints. But security controls must not impede employees’ ability to do their jobs—and ease of administration is critical to reducing the burden on your IT staff.

Our endpoints solution includes: ( incl mobile devices Android and IPhone)

  • Auto containment
  • Antivirus
  • Cloud based online platform
  • 24*7 human analysis
  • VirusScope Behavioural analysis
  • Valkyrie Verdict decision Engine
  • Fileless Malware protection. Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Personal Packet filtering firewall

Condyn is confident that our offering on the endpoint is unbeatable on various levels due to innovation and technology by dedicated focused technology partners.