Security and Awareness Training

Why Security and Awareness Training

Make Cybersecurity an Ongoing Conversation

Our portfolio of Security Awareness Materials offers a wide selection of videos, posters, images, and articles. All designed to make cybersecurity an ongoing topic of conversation with your end-users. Keeping security top-of-mind is critical to reducing your organization’s risk.

Support Security Awareness and Education Activities

We make a clear distinction between awareness and education activities, and we encourage you to include both within your security awareness and training program. Our Security Awareness Materials portfolio can help you support and reinforce your awareness and education initiatives.

Introduce End Users to Security Awareness and Training Initiatives

Our Awareness Video Campaigns are a great way to introduce your employees to the importance of security awareness training and to remind them that simple changes to their daily routines can make a difference. We provide the tools you need to create a viral moment within your organization and quickly bring awareness to a new level.

Show the 'Lighter Side' of Cybersecurity

Our brief, high-level awareness videos are designed to bring a “lighter side” to cybersecurity. Available in different themes, our professionally produced videos offer a creative, attention-grabbing way to introduce end-users to the idea of security training as you plan your program launch. They can also be used at regular intervals to keep users thinking and talking about security.

Reinforce Learning with Our Continuous Training Methodology

Our Education Materials offer a series of more than 50 posters, images, and articles that are designed to reinforce your education initiatives. Reinforcement is a key element in our Continuous Training Methodology, which maximizes learning and lengthens retention, enabling ongoing improvement and driving measurable behaviour change.

Create Continuity in Your Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness posters and images mimic the look and feel of our training modules, providing visual continuity from one medium to another. There is also a continuity of content: The posters reference the best practices taught during training, and the articles explore the same topics in more detail (while still keeping an end-user audience in mind).